Saturday, October 27, 2012

What does a Business Card Holder and an Old Dictionary have in Common?

Since I now have a place to display all the re-purposed junk that I've collected over the summer (because I'm a new vendor at Newport Market case you haven't heard), I decided that I also need to pay a little attention to advertising my business.

What is my business? 


I take stuff that no one else wants
(I hope),
 break it down
slap some paint on it
(most of the time),
put it all back together
(why do I have left over parts?),
and turn it into something someone might want

Headboards become corkboards,
lamps become planters/bird feeders,
chairs become decorations
and planters.

It's a sick, twisted life I lead.

Getting back to my advertising dilemma. I decided I need a business card holder.

Do you think I would have one single, solitary, item in my house that a business card would fit neatly into?


Hello Pintrest, what'cha got that I can make, like right now, with what I have on hand?
Thank you Life and Art of Andrea Rogers for coming to my rescue.


A dictionary.


Webster's Student Edition.
This baby got me and my manual typewriter (without spell check) through high school. I haven't looked at this thing in over 30 20 10 years...yea, ten years since high school.

First of all, you fold all the pages (except about the first 3 and last 3 pages and the covers) in half.

And you keep folding, and folding, and folding....then you get bored and you start to browse through your Facebook page while you continue folding.

The tutorial I linked above went so far as to glue the covers to a board to keep the book open like a fan. I just folded the covers (along with the first and last few pages) inwards. It seems to be staying open just fine. I think it depends on just how many pages the book has that you are using as to whether or not you need that extra step and weight.

I decided that I not only want to advertise my business.... a.k.a "Take a card".

I would also like to help others advertise their businesses....a.k.a "Leave a card".

I saved one book that could have someday gone into the trash (because I know kids in the future wouldn't have a clue what to do with a dictionary).

And...Now I have an interesting (to say the least) business card sharing system. Rather primitive, may need a little tweaking, but effective for now.


  1. Very cool idea !Love your stuff , Kim !

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