Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Vintage Bucket Lamp becomes Bird Feeder and Planter

Fall is in the air for sure but I wish I had this piece to work on earlier this summer.

My grandmother had this old bucket lamp (not sure if that's the technical term for it but that's what I've called this thing since I can remember).

There was a drum shade that dangled from the arm.
I really didn't like the looks of the thing so I ripped that off before I even brought it home.
The whole thing was rather rickety and pretty useless as a lamp.

I decided that it needed some ... uh ... life.

So I slapped some primer on it.
Little better.
Whipped out a can of trusty spray paint.
Added a little black accent.
A little bird feeder added to replace the lamp shade
(this is where I think it would have made a better summer project).
Some fall flowers for color.
Much better!
This will look great in the garden, overflowing with beautiful summer blooms, and perhaps a hummingbird feeder.


  1. Kim I love this! Looks fantastic in yellow...a very under used colour

    1. Hi Sarah. Thank you. I'm glad you like it. Yellow happens to be my favorite color so I tend to use it a little more than my family appreciates.

  2. I have this same lamp. Mine is in my home. Love it as a bird feeder.

  3. Thank you for this idea! I just picked up one of these at Good Will, it's in pretty bad shape, no legs and beat up, this is the perfect way to utilize it.


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