Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Plexiglas Top Child's Desk

Years ago my grandmother asked my grandfather if he could make her a small writing desk. It needed to sit in front of her rocking chair, be small enough to fit in their already cramped living room, and be light enough so she could pick it up and set it aside when she was done writing.

My grandfather, being the handy guy that he was, built this for her.

With 2 little drawers for her pens 'n such, a Plexiglas top, and a light frame, it was just big enough without being too heavy for her to move around.
And, as was his custom, he built a few more for anyone else who might want one.

I like the little table
But... I didn't really care for my grandfather's choice of paint (which was whatever he had on hand usually mixed with a few other paints that he had on hand = thick, gloppy, blah, beige).
I was not all that impressed with the smoky Plexiglas either.

I took the Plexiglas top off, pulled out the drawers, and gave it a good coat of primer.

Then I gave it a coat of CeCe Caldwell's Vermont Slate.

While my paint was drying, I took my Plexiglas top outside.

Gave it several thin coats of Krylon Fusion for Plastic in Burgundy.

And a few coats of Minwax Polycrylic.

Now I have a nice smooth, pretty burgundy, surface.

I also needed a little chair/stool/seat thing to go with my new desk.
Without realizing it, my grandfather had just the thing already built. He made several of these little folding stools over the years and this one was just the right size so it received a few coats of Vermont Slate too (I skipped the primer on this because it was raw wood).

I re-attached the Plexiglas top to the table and distressed the paint slightly.

Both the stool and the table received a coat of CeCe Calwell's Clear Wax and I gave the seat of the stool a coat of the polycrylic as well.
Oh, and the knobs were simply painted with black craft paint.

And, there ya' have it.
These last few pictures are kind of crappy because I took them late at night and my flash always makes stuff look plastic.

This desk and chair are for sale here in my showroom and at Newport Market Place.

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