Before and After

Girls 3/4 size metal bed before 

Girls 3/4 size metal bed after
(with Minnesota Pink Lady's Slipper and Simply White on emblem details)

Vintage writing desk before
Vintage writing desk after
(with random mix of Blue Montana Sky and Vintage White with Simply White details)

 Little half moon tables before
 Little half moon tables after
(Carolina Sun Yellow with Virginia Chestnut and Sedona Red with Beckley Coal)

Big ol' dresser before
Big ol' dresser after
(with Blue Montana Sky and Simply White)

Vintage table before
 Vintage table after
(with Simply White)

Little treasure box stand before
Little treasure box stand after
(with Simply White and Dark Aging Wax)

Honkin' big buffet before
Honkin' big buffet after
(with Vermont Slate)

Vintage china closet with amputated legs before
Vintage china closet with new wheels after
(with Blue Montana Sky and Johnston Daffodil)

Antique leather top end table before
Antique leather top end table after (crappy cell phone pic)
(with Cinco Bayou Moss and Dark Aging Wax)

Vintage dresser before
Vintage dresser after
(with Maine Harbor Blue)

Antique vanity before
Antique piano stool before
Antique vanity and piano stool after
(with Simply White)

Salvation Army lamp base and ceramic platter before
Salvation Army lamp base and ceramic platter after
(with Cinco Bayou Moss, Beckley Coal,
Young Kansas Wheat, and Georgia Clay)

Thrift store dresser before
Thrift store dresser after
(with Virginia Chestnut, Michigan Pine, and Clear and Dark Aging Wax)

Little table before
Little table after
(with Johnston Daffodil)

Bed before
Bed after
(with Maine Harbor Blue)

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