Sunday, September 16, 2012

Getting Ready for Fall Chair

I found myself in a rush the past week to get my house ready for visitors. I'm terrible about keeping my house clean (upkeep and maintenance just aren't my thing ) and I'm always in a tizzy when I know that visitors will be knocking on my door.

I decided that this would not only be a busy cleaning week it would also be a good time to get out my fall decorations. I wanted something different on my porch by the front door. I thought I should have something a bit more seasonal greeting the guests than the garbage cans.

I found this chair at a garage sale over the summer but I wasn't sure just what I wanted to do with it.
It was only $5.

It had a broken leg so I didn't trust it enough to sit in.

The seat was dirty, it had a green paint stain, and was falling apart just a bit.

And, there were quite a few places where the paint was peeling (like under the price tag).

But all in all, it's not a bad looking chair.
I washed it up a bit and applied some Elmers Wood Glue on the broken leg.
After the glue dried, I got out cans of Valspar Spray Paint.
I used Satin Dried Peppers and Satin Truffle Hunt.
Valspar has some of the best colors available but I have a really hard time with their spray cans. Maybe it's just me (I have some arthritis and carpal tunnel issues) but there is just something about the design that makes their cans difficult for me to use.
These colors look great together and made this chair look so much better.
Add some mums, pumpkins, and local wildflowers (aka weeds).
And you have a wonderful fall arrangement for the front porch.
I thought it turned out pretty nice for only about $15 (including the cost of the mums and pumpkins).

Don't you just love these colors?
Fall is my favorite season because of the colors.


  1. Kim,
    You gave that chair a fabulous makeover! A wonderful way to extend a fall welcome. Love the vibrant colors.
    Your Friend,

    1. Thank you so much. Fall colors are my favorite too.

  2. Nice job , Kim . Very pretty ! Did you do the yellow chair in front of your Mom's? Seeing that inspired me & I bought a really neat old chair to do something w/ at a sale for $2 . Now can't decide what colors I want.....

    1. Yes, that chair was one of my first furniture makeovers. I gave it to her for Mother's Day. You can see what it looked like before in this post


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