Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Old Headboard's New Life as a Decorative Corkboard

This is the headboard from the bed I had when I was much, much younger.
My kids also used this bed when they were growing up.
It originally had a light pink, quilted, plasticky, material that had crackled and peeled.
It wasn't pretty. So...
Sometime back in the '70s, I decided I no longer liked cracked and peeling pink and I removed that layer of material and this teal and purple design was underneath.
The fabric kind of matched the frame so I thought I could live with that for a while.
 So now that about 50 years have passed, I've decided that this headboard needs new life.
I also discovered that over the years issues developed with the details that ran along the edges. There was no way I could replace these pieces so I used a hammer and flat head screwdriver to gently tap away the rest of this edging.
 At this point, I was debating if I wanted to leave it as a headboard because the large details were fragile and would chip off easily.
I removed the legs and took the back apart.
The fabric had seen much better days too and it definitely needed to go.
I removed the fabric and pulled the thousand staples that was holding the backing to the plywood.
Why are there always so many staples holding down fabric?? Have there really been that many escape attempts made by fabric to justify so many staples?
Ok, I'm done venting.
I sanded the frame and applied primer.
 The original finish on the frame had glittered gold paint. Hmmm. I don't remember it being glittery.
Next came paint. I really like this Periwinkle blue.
 "Why is the headboard in the woodpile?", you ask.
I can use spray paint here and not have to worry about painting something that shouldn't be painted. Ha! Not that I would ever hap ... never mind.
At least we have the most colorful firewood of anyone in our neighborhood.
 Much better but still needs something.

 I took a really flat, wide brush, applied just a touch of white paint, and wiped it across the plate to get most of the paint off.
 Then...just lightly brushed over the details and along the sides of the frame to give it a bit of distressed look.
Then I sealed it with a coat of spray poly.
But....still at this point I wasn't sure what I really wanted to do with this.
I sat on it for about 2 weeks just thinking about it. I knew I didn't want to keep it as a headboard so I thought...hang it on the wall instead. I bought a roll of cork, measured out a piece to fit the plywood back, and got out my can of spray adhesive.
I had only used spray adhesive once before and apparently I didn't clear the nozzle out very well. Now I have almost a full can of spray and it's clogged up. No spray.
 So I got out a bottle of Elmer's Glue, spread it all over the plywood, lay the cork out and weighed it down flat with magazines and let it sit overnight. Amazingly that worked just fine.
I had to decide how I wanted to cover the cork and dress it up a bit.
I have strips of burlap and I thought ... burlap and lace.
 But no matter how I lay the burlap out, it just didn't look right.
I did like the way the lace looked against the blue frame so I simply glued lace around the edges and left it at that.
I fit the backing into the frame and...
It looks great!
I really do like the lace on this. 

for about $10 in materials, I have a rather large (41" x 20") cork board/wall decoration/accent piece.
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  1. Oh my gosh--I really love this idea! I never would have though to use a headboard as a corkboard. Great paint job!

    1. Thank you Kirby. It took me a while before I finally decided what to do with it. It was leaning against the wall when the thought struck.


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