About Me...Continued

In January of 2012 I decided I needed to figure out my life. In 2007 (just before the real estate industry went bust) I became a real estate agent but over the years I realized I just didn't have as much control over my career as I had hoped to have. Way too much of my time depended on the performance and decision processes of others.
My blood pressure was going through the roof.
I needed a change.
Through the magical windows of Pintrest (to which I can thank my daughters for turning me on to), I disovered blogs. Lots of blogs. Well, one blog led to another, and another...and eventually I discovered that I shared many of the same interests as so many of the authors of these blogs had. So here I am, trying to get a handle on what I want my blog to be.

I have a very hard working husband who is in the heavy construction business.

Just kidding. He's lucky if he gets the chance to do this once a year. 
He can take a brush riddled field from this...

To this.
Ponds are his favorite thing to build but if it involves dirt, he can do pretty much anything he puts his mind to.

We have 4 daughters, 5 granddaughters and a grandson. I'll include pictures of them here and there throughout my posts.

I'm pretty much obsessed with trees, rocks, flowers, wildlife. Anything that makes for a good picture. I'm a terrible decorator (something that I'm trying desperately to change). We lived in our house for 10 years before we got brave enough to put holes in the sheetrock to hang a clock. Seriously. It's bad.

I love where we live. We built our home on 108 acres that were gifted to me by my grandparents. Our home is at the top of beautiful, scenic, Starr Hill in Steuben NY. The property has been in my family for over 100 years. 

We live in an area that is pretty much known for getting a lot of snow. The older I get the less I like snow. And, by the way, this is only 1/2 of my driveway (which is 1/2 mile long and all downhill...or uphill...depending on which way you are heading).

I have a great view of most of Steuben Valley. I can see almost to Utica on a clear day.

And...this is the view of my home from down in the valley.
You can barely see the little hand up in the right corner showing you where my house is. I'll get the hang of making my pictures a little better (I hope). To the left of the hand along the ridge you can see a very small white ball. That is the highest point in Oneida County. So, as you can see, I'm pretty high up. Might explain the lack of oxygen to my brain sometimes huh?

Photo from Google Images
I chose the title of my blog based on a book that was written in 1965 by a local man named Howard Thomas. "The Singing Hills" is a story about the early Welsh settlers of the Town of Steuben and it's surrounding communities around the year 1845. 
My grandfather's parents were among those first settlers to this area.
It is my intention to incorporate a history lesson or two in my writings here and possibly learn a little something about my history as well.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Kim,
    Love your site!!!! You have an amazing way with words that helped me feel very comfortable, so thank you :) keep up the great work, you have a nack for bringing objects back to life and giving photos a voice. Thank you for your beautiful contributions to our community. I will keep following the progress.
    Laura- Town of Ohio

    1. Hi Laura. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words.


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