Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Shut the Front Door ... Day 109, 110, and 111, and 112, and 113 ... Technical difficulties

Once again I have to appologize for my errors in getting posts up in a timely manner.
This time, however, I do have a good reason for the delay.
I was going to write up a post for Days 109, 110, and 111 but during the attempt I realized that I had some technical issues that were preventing me from uploading pictures from my camera card.
Today, I finally had some time to commit to dealing with the issue.
Thanks to Nick R2 from the Geek Squad, for over 3 hours of time spent fixing stuff, I'm back up and running tonight.
Day 109.
A very soggy day.
It was a day that did not help our yard out one bit.
Day 110
It's really hard to tell here but it's snowing.
And the snow mountain is just barely hanging on ... still.
Day 111
A touch of snow on the ground this morning but it turned out to be a fairly nice day. 
Today's the day we finally got our Christmas tree planted.
You can see why this was our Christmas tree here if you missed that post.
Day 112
Today's the day I realized I had some technical difficulties to deal with so, of course, I didn't get a picture out the front door.
That's my reason and I'm sticking to it.
I did, however, get a few pictures while I was out and about.
I'm not.
Another barn.
I'm not.
 Anything coming?
I'm half way across the track by this point so I'm glad there's nothing there.
And, finally,
Day 113
Nice and sunny today.
There is still a cold wind just hanging on though.
Moon rising over the trees.
Low and behold!!
The daffodils have finally determined it's safe to make an appearance.
The places we call home.
A little pine tree growing out of the roots of a big old ash? tree.
Hopefully this will be the last time I have to make up for 5 days of posts.
No promises though.

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