Thursday, December 13, 2012

Now hold on there Charlie Brown....That's my tree.

Nope this isn't my Christmas tree. 
In my last post I mentioned that I decided not to put up my artificial tree.
I then proceeded to show you a few other ways I used the branches to decorate around my house.
Since then, I found a few more uses for some of the branches (which I'll try to put in another post soon) but for now, I wanted to show you what I finally decided to do for an actual Christmas tree.

Since you were probably thinking, "What. No Christmas tree this year?
Don't panic. I had a plan. Sort of.
My husband thought I was nuts when I first told him my genius plan but now that I've got it all under control, he's totally on board.
This is a scenario that happens more often than you think actually.
I decided that I really wanted a real tree but I hate, hate, hate the ...
drive around,
chop it down,
drive it home,
drag it's snow/ice crusted branches through the house,
stand it up,
cut it to size, 
stand it up again,
water it, water it, water it,
mop up the overflow,
pick it up after the cat knocked it down,
drag it's lifeless body through the house and out the door,
clean up the needles evaaah,
I hate it.
So, I upped my game and got a
Roots, branches, needles, and all.
In a pot.
Back off Snoopy.
It's a Colorado Blue Spruce, about 3 feet tall, and with the pot filled with dirt, it's quite heavy.
Step one... 
Figure out how to cover up that ugly green planter bucket.
Solution...Linus's blanket? Nope...Burlap.
Step two...
Find a container big enough for that ugly green planter bucket (full of drainage holes) so I wouldn't have water running all over the floor.
Solution...Really cool, old, very heavy, pan that my grandfather used to use when he boiled down maple sap into maple syrup.
This sucker is almost as heavy as the whole tree.
Made in U.S.A (in 1944 I'm guessing).
I strung a few strands of white (NON-BLINKING-see pet peeve #4) lights
and added a few ornaments.
 A vintage spool and key.

 Glittered pine cones and red baubles.

Some more old keys and some more red baubles.

Little snowflakes.

 Here she be durin' the day.

And... in her glory, all lit up nice, at night.

I priced Christmas trees that many of the places around us were selling.
No, Lucy, not 5¢.
The prices ranged from $35 to $50 depending on the size and type of tree.
Which is reasonable but then I would also have to purchase a tree stand and the better ones run about $30 to $40.
When the holidays are over, I would have thrown the tree in the furnace.
A waste.

This tree cost me $65.
I had all the trimmings on hand so no extra cost there.
when the holidays are over,
I'm going to take it outside,
plant it in the yard,
 and enjoy it for many more years.

I almost forgot to show you this cute little moose sled decoration I bought at Newport Market Place.

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