Saturday, August 17, 2013

Shut the Front Door ... Day 185 through 229 ... Another long A$$ post.

I know what you're saying.
"Good grief, it's her again".
I say that every morning when I look in the mirror so I know how you feel.

I will apologize now for the length of this post.
So, ready or not, here we go.
Day 185
4th of July.
Yea, this is how long it's been since my last post.
Funky cloud
After a few minutes a bit of a rainbow peaked through.
If you remember way back in last months post, we had been bombarded with days and days of rain.
Workers were still monitoring the bridge on Rt 28 in Poland so they could close it if the water rose any further.
Day 186
 Was a very wild weather day.
This was taken a little after noon.
By quarter after 2, torrential downpour.
This is what I was driving under by 3:30 on my way to Utica.
This "weather system" was huge.
It was really bright and dark at the same time but it wasn't much fun sitting it out while it blew over the city.
After a few more hours of pouring rain, the sun finally came out and gave the steam in the air a very strange glow.
Day 187
No Pictures
Day 188
A nice day for a dip in the... green ... pool.
Day 189
Somehow, a rainbow after a storm is like a bandaid on a booboo.
It just makes it all better.
I love day lilies.
The rock wall in front of this house is lined with them every year.
So jealous.
Day 190
No pictures again.
Day 191
Not a bad day.
Kinda gloomy though.
Day 192
No Front Door pic today.
But I got a rare shot of the blaring sun on my way home.
Day 193
No Front Door picture again today.
Just a beautiful sunset to end the day with.
Day 194
Not a bad day.
Once again, I find myself in a slow motion redneck parade.
And with slow motion driving comes ... drive-by photography
(a.k.a. ... bring on the barns).
Thankfully it was a short ride.
Day 195
Almost missed taking a picture today. 
Day 196
Beautiful sunny day :)
Day 197
No pictures
Day 198
Mostly a beautiful day but the clouds are building up for a nighttime storm.
As is my usual custom on nice days, I spent some time on the road.
Time on the road usually means drive-by photography.
I think my windshield is trying to tell me something.
Either a disgusting pigeon did a doodee or an insect met with a most unfortunate end.
Just a couple'a hens gossipin' through the fence.
He's a little too young to be starting up with this, don'tcha think?
Day 199
It's hard to tell here but it's pouring out.
Day .... 200.
Serious milestone here.
Only 165 more days left to the year.
today was a classic weird cloud day.
See the bird in the top of the tree?

And what's up with this really creepy fly?
Day 201.
No pictures.
Day 202.
Gloomy with a chance of smoke :)
Day 203.
No pictures.
Day 204.
Day 205.
Cloudy and gloomy.
Getting ready to burn some brush.
Day 206.
Sunny and clear.
Brush all burnt.
Day 207.
No pictures.
Day 208.
No pictures.
Day 209.
This is embarrassing.
Day 210.
Another stormy day.
 Day 211.
My birthday!!
 Day 212.
Another beautiful day.
 Day 213.
No pictures.
Day 214.
No front door picture today.
But I got something better.
While I was out and about, I found myself parked next to this van.
 When you run a video sewer inspection service, I guess you need to have a sense of humor to go with it.
My smile for the day.
Day 215.
Went from questionable.
To promising :)
The 4-wheeler and wagon getting a workout today.
Day 216.
Another beautiful day.
And one little black cloud out looking to ruin someone's day.
Day 217.
Yet another beautiful day.
We've been very lucky these past few weeks.
Day 218.
No pictures.
Day 219.
No pictures.
Day 220.
What the...?
No pictures again.
What kind of "daily" blog is this anyway??
Day 221.
A crappy day....oh joy.
Day 222.
No pictures.
Nasty pattern going on here.
Day  223.
No front door pictures again.
I would boycott this blog if I were you.
The slow motion parade is on the road again.
He puts some serious miles on this tractor and trailer.
Home is way up on top of that distant hill.
It does give me time to shoot the slow passing scenery.
Day 224.
No pictures.
Day 225.
No pictures.
Day 226.
Well, what-da-ya-know?
Rainin' in the valley.
The corn is finally getting up where it should be.
And we have a new addition to the hen house.
And...the garden is finally paying back even after those many, many flooded days early on this summer.
Just something I saw while out and about today that made me laugh.
In case you haven't read my "about me" page, we have 4 daughters.
Their boyfriends didn't come around much because of dad and his guns.
I don't think the mirrored sunglasses helped much either.
Think... "Alabama cop" look.
A beautiful end to the day.
Day 227.
Another beautiful end to a nice day.
Moon and all.
Nothing like appropriately placed signs to tell you which way out of the corn.
Another barn in rearview.
Day 228.
A deceptively peaceful end to this day.
You see this day is just another entry in the book called,
"Kim's list of stupid things not to do".
The dog and I had a disagreement on just who was going to get to the cat first.
We both lost.
Actually, I think I'm the only one who really lost.
A messed up leg, and what appears to be 2 sprained (possibly broken but I'm not about to pay someone for the official diagnosis) wrists.
I think this trumps my double fall down the front steps last winter (or was it the winter before?).
Day 229.
Today was a beautiful day.
Painfully slow but beautiful.
I found this in the yard today.
A positive sign of better days to come?
God, I hope so.
I would have picked it but I don't have enough strength in my fingers to grab hold of it.
Taking pictures was painful enough.
See ya
next week..........
 next month........
Typing is painful too.

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