Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Shut the Front Door ... Days ... 169 through 184 ... Rain, More Rain, and Vultures ... OH MY!

Yea you read that title right.
Many, many days to be covered here again.
If you're local, you know what kind of weather we've been having here and the absolute devastation that many people in our neighboring communities have suffered through and are continuing to be bombarded with.
If you're not local and you have access to facebook, I hope this link will help you see what I'm talking about.
So, let us begin.
Shall we?
Day 169
No Front Door picture today.
Just pictures of rain.
and not just any rain.
Drenching, can't see out your windshield, downpours.
Day 170
Was a beautiful day that ended with quite a pretty sunset.
Day 171
Another nice day.
When you live in a rural area, you just never know what's going to pull up next to you at an intersection.
It's hard to tell here but those tires were taller than my car.
Day 172
No Front Door picture again today.
tell me...
are Upstate New Yorkers the only ones who go to such lengths to protect their snowplows?
Then there's my new security system.
I think my new guards are taking their job too seriously.
While you try to sneak past the one blocking the road, 
this one stares at you through the side window to make sure your ID is adequate.
On the bright side, it was a lovely day and apparently a great day to go boating on Lake Delta.
Day 173
No Pictures.
Day 174
Another pleasant day.
I'm also very happy with my booth at Newport Marketplace.
I have such a variety of consignment items as well as my own painted pieces.
Actually a few of these pieces have sold since I took this picture.
Day 175
Storm moving over the area.
Day 176
Very humid and sunny today.
Day 177
Now, it's day 177 (June 26th for anyone keeping track) and I'm heading north on Rt 12 at about 10:30 in the morning.
It's raining cats-n-dogs out.
I don't really like driving in rain like this because of visibility and hydroplaning issues so I'm keeping a respectable 50 mph pace.
I take a quick look in my rearview mirror and I see this.
A snowplow.
Either my calendar is wrong or this guy is really pushing the season.
Of course by the time I get home, the rains have stopped, the heat just came oozing out of the earth, and the fog rolled in.
My house is up there somewhere.
Day 178
More rain.
Day 179
Sun was out for the moment but it had rained very hard the previous night.
With all that rain, the streams and rivers are overflowing.
Day 180
The valley getting hammered
all day and into the evening.
Day 181
The grandkids took advantage of a break in the weather to try fishing in the pond.
They caught more frogs than fish.
Day 182
No pictures.
Day 183
After a long day of more rain, there's another line of storms building up.
The water is so high, the DOT was watching the bridge trying to determine if it should be closed.
This is a small creek winding through a cornfield.
The creek is now a lake and there's nothing left of the cornfield.
Day 184
Mostly sunny today.
By the end of the day the clouds were building up and the valley looks like it's about to get another round.
Someone decided that the chickens needed a little outside time today.
And...after a few minutes of chasing the dog around (that was chasing the chickens around) the last chicken was caught and returned to it's natural habitat.
Tomorrow is the 4th of July and although this picture was taken during the winter, I thought I would post it for the holiday.

Have a happy 4th of July.

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