Monday, June 17, 2013

Shut the Front Door ... Day 167 and 168 ... A little bit of everything today.

I know you all weren't expecting to see a post from me for at least another month but here I am.
Ready or not....
Day 167
More rain.
We even had a major drenching downpour during the night.
All I could think was, "there goes all the seeds I just planted".
Day 168
Started off bright and beautiful.
It was also a pretty busy day.
First order of business was kindergarten graduation for the class of 2025.
Grandchild #3 was in the lineup today.
Her sisters looking on.
After graduation ... road trip crap load of errands to run.
And... a little drive-by photography?
Here I was just sitting at a red light on the parkway, looked out my side window, and had to snap a shot of the General.
If he were still alive today, he would be one of my neighbors.
He would also be 283 years old.
Many of our surrounding communities wouldn't be what they are today without this man.
Then there's the race home to Mt. Doom before the storm hits.
An after the rain tour of the gardens (sounds kinda snobby huh).
Team Perry's container potato garden doing pretty well despite the daily waterboarding it receives.
Team Monroe seems to be doing a wonderful job with their mud factory.
This rock is still underwater.
By this time of the year about a foot of it should be above water.
This means that the pond is about 18 inches above normal right now.
That's a lot of extra water.
I also have a mystery that I need help solving.
I took this picture of a tadpole in the pond.
Something that I've done many, many times.
This is the first time that I've notice what looks like air bubbles coming out of ducts at the back of the tadpole's body.
Do you see them?
I've never, ever noticed this before.
What do you think?
This is also the first time this spring that I've seen the bass that we have in our pond.
They got really big over the winter.
These things are about 10 inches long.
The blackberry blossoms are in full bloom.
The buttercups are trying to bring out the sun (good luck there).
The Johnny Jump Ups are looking mighty perky for the pounding they've been getting. 
The clovers are just starting to bloom too.
View of the valley after the rains went through.
The late afternoon sun peaking through the cattails.
And finally for today....
Me and my shadow.
It's like being stalked by a circus clown on stilts.

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