Saturday, June 15, 2013

Shut the Front Door ... Day 144 through 166 ... How the H.E.double hockey sticks. did that happen?

Let's see,
the last time I posted was way back on day 143.
I covered 9, or was it 10, days in that post.
Now I need to make up for a whoppin' 22 days that I missed.
Enough of this idle chit chat.
Let's get on with the show shall we?
Day 144
Good start.
No. Pictures.
Day 145
Holy crap.
No pictures.
Day 146
Was moving day for my office.
My daily view changed from this...
to this...
And this is as close as I came to a Shut the Front Door picture today.
So now I'm on the hunt for a new desk and until I figure out what I want, I'm using my grandmother's antique table.
Day 147
No pictures.
Day 148
No pictures.
Do ya see a pattern here?
Day 149
Went from this...
to this...
to this...
What a dreary, crappy day.
When I'm out and about....
This is how I roll.
Day 150
This is as close as I got to a Front Door picture today.
Hammock down.
We threw it a life preserver but it was too late.
Day 151
No Shut the Front Door picture today but I do have a couple of local barn shots.

Day 152
No pictures.
Day 153
Beautiful day.
And beautiful days bring the shady characters out of the woodwork basement.
Not sure how he manages to mow a straight line while drinking.
Day 154
Doom and gloom.
Day 155
No pictures.
Day 156
Pretty nice out today. 
Day 157
Doom and gloom...again.
And then came the rains.
Day 158
No pictures.
Day 159
No pictures.
Day 160
Nooo pictures.
Day 161
This pretty much says it all for the past several days.
Day 162
Still raining today.
In fact, it was raining just hard enough that
I drove all the way to the city with this
flapping from my antenna.
It wasn't worth getting drenched so I left it there.
Day 163
Nooo pictures.
Day 164
Nooooo pictures.
Day 165
Finally a nice day.
So far, all the chickens have survived despite the cold, wet, nasty weather we've had since they arrived here.
No eggs yet.
I guess maybe in about a month they will start laying???
Since I'm hoping that the nasty weather is behind us now, I finally decided to plant a little more in my raised bed gardens today.
Wyatt is helping his dad get their garden going now too.
We are going to have a "garden off" to see who's grows better.
Team Monroe doing things the hard way with tillers and hoes.
Team Perry taking it easy with raised bed gardening (a.k.a. hippie gardening).
Looks like my daughter has already chosen sides.
Day 166
Beautiful and clear this morning (unless you live in that foggy valley down there).
For some reason my thermometer is telling me that we are all supposed to be roasting today.
112 degrees at 9:15 in the morning.
I don't think so.
It actually did turn out to be a very nice day.
Not too cold,
not too hot,
and finally dry enough to mow the hayfield lawn....again.

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