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Steuben Monument and Steuben Old Home Days

August 25th the Town of Steuben is holding their annual Steuben Old Home Days.

There will be a craft/flea market. No charge for booth space but all booths are outside and you need to provide your own tables and shelter (if desired).
The annual auction will start at 11:00. Donations for that are gladly accepted.
The annual Roast Pork Dinner will start at 4:00 (tickets go on sale at 3:30).
The auction and dinner benefit many of our local Cemeteries and the United Methodist Women of Steuben. Donations for those associations are greatly appreciated.
Festivities in the afternoon include a Tug-o-War contest and a Lawn Mower Pull. Both start at 1:00 with registration for those at noon.

For additional info on any of these activities
please respond to this post
or call Harry Landman at 315-831-2751

Our local pride and joy,
 The Steuben Monument

Living in a small town with it's own state park and it's own hero of the American Revolutionary War is something special.
I have the unique opportunity to live less than 1/4 mile away from a very small NYS Park called the Steuben Monument. When I was young, I would either walk or ride my bike there practically every day (sometimes several times a day depending on how nice the day was and how bored I was).

Photo taken by Eleanora Roscup

This park was a place where families used to come for picnics and family reunions. Neighboring schools brought children here for their end of the year picnics and for field trips. Everyone always had a great time here.

Photo taken by Eleanora Roscup

Photo taken by Eleanora Roscup

The cabin and surrounding grounds were always in great shape

Photo taken by Eleanora Roscup

and you could always count on Mrs. Thomas for the grand tour of this little 3 room cabin.

Photo taken by Eleanora Roscup

The huge fireplace with built in oven.

The old table in the kitchen area.

The giant wall size map of the area.

Large portrait of General Friedrich Wilhelm August Heinrich Ferdinand von Steuben
According to Wikipedia: Born Friedrich Wilhelm Ludolf Gerhard Augustin von Steuben
in Germany September 17, 1730 and Died in New York November 28, 1794.
Good grief. Try to fit that name on a birth announcement.

Photo taken by Eleanora Roscup

The bed made with headboard, footboard, side rails and rope instead of slats to hold the mattress up.

Photo taken by Eleanora Roscup

Sitting area with an armoire and drop front desk.

This is what the cabin looks like today. The furniture was never kept here over the winter and over the years some of the items have been placed in other monuments and some have been lost. There is no furniture here at all now. Only half of the huge lawn gets mowed on a regular basis and there is no one here to greet the few visitors who go out of their way to come here.

I know times have changed and the public's idea of a fun vacation or weekend getaway rarely includes such small insignificant places as this. The residents of Steuben and the our neighboring villages and towns would like to see the NYS Parks Dept. step up and return the smaller, less profitable, but still beautiful historic parks back to their original glory. They may not have been profitable but they served a purpose to keep our history alive and interesting.

There is still a great view of Steuben Valley when you leave.

P.S. ... The photos taken by Eleanora Roscup (my grandmother) were taken sometime around 1970 to 1972???
P.P.S. ... The very terrible interior photos not labeled "taken by Eleanora Roscup" were taken by myself in 1976 for a school project with a 110 Instamatic camera. Looking at these makes me really appreciate my digital camera now.

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