Monday, May 6, 2013

Shut the Front Door ... Day 121-126 ... Too many days behind schedule

As you may have noticed lately, I've been dropping the ball on getting posts up every day.
Now I'm on the verge of missing out on a whole week of posts.
Shame on me!!
It's been 6,
count them,
6 days since my last post.
Day 121
Was a beautiful day.
Caught myself in the act of drive-by photography.
Day 122
Somehow missed that day completely.
Since I didn't take any pictures, I wonder if I somehow slept through the whole day??
Day 123
I don't have a front door pic for today.
But... I do have some really pretty shots of the sunset.
I was also attracted to all the shades of green that are starting to appear.
Day 124
I don't have an official (using that word loosely here) front door picture.
This is the same valley you can see from my front door but at an elevation that's about 1 mile lower.
The official enemy of summer drive-by picture taking.
Streaks left behind after several futile attempts to de-bug-ify the windshield.
Day 125
I have almost 2 dozen "inprocess" photos of furniture I'm working on.
And...I'm working on that furniture in the livingroom.
And...My livingroom is the front room in my house.
And...the front room of my house is where the "Front Door" is located.
Do I have 1 single "Front Door" picture today?
Yea, right.
I do know it was very sunny and nice because I was out on the deck while sanding on some of that furniture today.
Day 126
Another beautiful day again today.
We have been so lucky this past week.
The grass and the trees are finally starting to green up very nicely.
Maybe I'll get a post up tomorrow.
Then again, maybe not.
If you are out and about in the Newport area, stop in and say hi.
I'll be at Newport Marketplace from 10-6.

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