Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Shut the Front Door ... Day 97, 98, 99, and 100 ... Oh the sound of Robins singing!

 Once again,
I've let the ball drop
and today's post is for 4,
count them,

Day 97
Nice and sunny but cool and breezy.
Day 98
Cloudy and warming up just a bit.
Day 99
Was warm and mild so I decided to head out back for a walk.
 the sound of Robins singing.
Music to the spring starved soul.
(they could definitely give some voice lessons to the Killdeer....geeshh) 

Gabby and the cattails.

Underwater rock peeking through the ice.
I'm not standing in the pond here.
This is how deep the water is where it's running across the back lawn.
View through a bullet hole.
In case you weren't here for my target lesson, I blew a hole through the frame of the swing.
I wonder if the bullet is in that tree back there?
The geese keep flying over
but both ponds are still covered in ice so they keep on flying.
I'm trying to figure out if their honking is just bi*&#ing about the frozen ponds
or if they are like bad city drivers and they just have a need to honk at each other.
Yea, I think they're bi*&#ing about the icy ponds.
They just few over again and they only honk when they are right over the ice.
And finally,
Day 100
Kinda balmy out and rainy.
You can barely tell, but that stupid pile of snow is shrinking.
You know what spring rains bring out?
Yea, that's right.
I can honestly say that this is the first time I've taken a picture of a worm.
Look at the size of that thing.
You know what's really gross.
Driving early in the morning while it's still dark,
and the road is damp,
and the road covered in these little slimy critters.
Makes me wonder.
If you stop your car really quick,
is it like stepping on a thousand banana peels at once?
Will you slide across them like an elephant on ice?
Another thing I've noticed this year.
There are a lot of trees really covered in moss.
Like, really thick moss.
These puffy bumps of moss are about an inch deep.
It's raining again which is helping to break up the icy ponds.
Maybe the geese will be able to stick around by next week.
Then they'll have to contend with Rocky.
He's a big puppy and can't seem to figure out why geese don't want to play.



  1. I LOL'd at your worms vs bananas ;) Glad to see your snow pile shrinking. It was 90 here yesterday! I think we skipped spring in DC haha. And it was an interesting perspective with the bullet hole photo. I liked it!

    1. It really is gross driving while the road is covered with them. Between the worms and the frogs, I'm lucky I don't get a ticket for the way I'm swerving all over the place :)


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