Saturday, April 6, 2013

Shut the Front Door ... Day 93, 94, 95, and 96 ... Am I getting lazy or what?

And because I'm lazy, today's post is for
Day 93, 94, 95, annnnnd 96.

In case you don't remember where we left off,
Day 92 was a snowy, crappy mess of a day.

Day 93
was much better in the sunshine department.
But it was still on the blustery side. 

 Snownado wreaking havoc across the field.

Day 94
Somehow I managed to get a picture of the field out back but no picture out the front door.
Again, sunny but very cold and windy.
You can just see where the pond is starting to show through the snow.

I took this picture of the morning sun through the sliding door in my bedroom.
I thought the strange patchwork pattern was interesting.
Shoulda' took my meds I guess.

Day 95
Was finally supposed to be a nice day.
Uh... wait.
It's snowing again.
But look....I see grass ... er .... mud.
Green mud.

And finally,
Day 96
Clear with a very cold wind.

It was also a very, very busy day.
First off I had a reunion to attend (Hi everybody from the FED who actually reads my blog).
Then we had Wyatt's birthday party (which I missed most of it because I was at the reunion).

Now here I sit at almost 9:30 at night realizing that I didn't take one single picture today.

I'll get better at this.
I promise.

But don't hold your breath (because blue is just not a good color on you).

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