Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Shut the Front Door ... Day 92 ... What the?

Day 92.
April 2nd.
What the &*^# is going on?
8:30 in the morning.
10:00 in the morning.
1:30 in the afternoon.
6:45 at night.
The weather people on TV sit behind their desk and smile.
They promise that it will get better ... soon.
There will be warm weather ... soon.
There will be sunshine ... soon.
Christmas is coming ... before you know it.


  1. Well I see it is still snowing at your house. I do wish VA would get more snow during the winter season. But I am looking forward to the Cherry Blossoms this weekend in the city ;)

    1. The sun is shining today but the wind is blowing something fierce and it's still in the low 30's.
      I've never been down that way during cherry blossom time. It must be really beautiful.

    2. So if you sit inside out of the wind and look out the window you can make-believe that its sunny + 70.

      I love to walk around the Tidal Basin admiring the cherry blossom trees. I have only gone a couple times. They are peaking this week so it will be lovely!

      On another note: is there a way to have it email/notify me that you replied to my comment? I was looking back to see if you replied to my other one and you did but it never told me. Same with this one, I was checking to see if you replied.

    3. I was actually wondering if the replies I make to comments get back to the person who commented. I guess my answer to that is no. I can't figure out how to change that but I am having my blog updated by a professional soon so I'll bring that problem up to her and see if she can fix it. If you notice anything else that could be tweaked up a bit, let me know and I'll see if that's something that could be worked on too.
      Thanks :)


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