Monday, April 15, 2013

Shut the Front Door ... Day 102, 103, 104, and 105 ... Ice, invasion of the moss circles, and underwater rocks ... oh my!

The days are just flying by now.
I've been so busy trying to get things ready to go to Newport Market Place.
We are trying to have the new (and BIGGER) consignment booth open by May 1st.
It's a big space to fill so I've been scrambling to try and get projects finished and to find people who want to put their antiques and vintage items on consignment.
So, once again, I'm doing a post for the 4 days that I missed.
Day 102
And more ice.
Day 103
Looks like I messed up and forgot to take a front door pic again.
Geeze Louise ... where is my mind lately?
How about a drive-by and a sneak peak picture instead?
Don't ask me where this was.
I got lost somewhere between Newport and home the other day.
That's what I get for straying from my main roads.

This is one of the beauties I'm going to have available for the opening of my new booth.
Day 104
Still quite cold out, believe it or not.
Since I've been on a moss/lichen investigation lately,
I'm going to extend the invasion to include rocks.
There have been sightings of crop circles.
There have been sightings of pond circles.
Now we have ...
Rock Circles!
Dun, dun, dunnnnnn.
I'm bettin' on extra terrestrial influences here.
Day 105
Much more pleasant today.
Snow mountain is still holding on.
Of course,
we wouldn't want to fire up one of those machines
and knock that mountain down so it will melt faster,
now would we?
Ice on the pond is starting to retreat a bit.
Underwater rock.
Shows you just how high the pond is right now.
During the summer that rock is mostly above water.
I'd still like to know what's been eating on this tree.
Lions, and tigers, and bears!
Oh my.
And so ends a really nice day.

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  1. Wow, amazing pics! I wish I lived nearby as I'd stop by and see what you're selling next. I love old finds.


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