Saturday, March 23, 2013

Shut the Front Door ... Day 82 ... Flat Stanley goes sight seeing.

If you tuned in to yesterday's post, you learned that Flat Stanly has come to visit for the week.
Yep, the whole week.
Yesterday, Flat helped to take the picture for yesterday's post and today it's his job to write the post for ... Day 82.

Once again,
take it away Flat Stanley!
Hello everyone.
My name is Flat Stanley and my best friend, Wyatt, sent me to visit his grandparents for the week so I can help out around the house.
Since blogging is such hard work, I volunteered to take over the keyboard for todays post.
Uh, Flat, that's not working on the post.
So, Day 82
Grandpa started clearing the snow from the front yard because Wyatt's mom and dad think that it's time to put the pool back up.
Silly grownups.
Meanwhile, grandma and I went for a ride.
See that little blue house down there?
That's where Wyatt's great grandma and great grandpa live.
Today we went to Newport Market Place to drop of some more stuff at grandma's booth.

Grandma has a lot of stuff there.
On the way home we stopped to take a look at the Steuben Memorial Cabin.
There's too much snow to go walking up through there so we had to stay down by the road and look through the fence.
Wyatt's grandma said that this is where the local schools used to let kids have their class picnics.
They would have a picnic under the trees and play games on the huge lawn.
It was fun for them to get to learn about their local history and see how people lived way back when there was no TV, video games, lights, or indoor water and bathrooms.
She said that it's a shame more schools don't take advantage of this great learning experience anymore.
Well, it was fun writing this post up today.
Can't wait to see what we'll be doing tomorrow.
Flat Stanley

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