Thursday, March 14, 2013

Shut the Front Door ... Day 72 and Day 73 ... It can and does happen here.

Yesterday and today were both terrifying and sad days for many people in one of our neighboring communities.
A man, for reasons yet unknown, went on a rampage yesterday. He set fire to his home, seriously injured 2 men, and took the lives of 4 men. This morning he took the life of a police dog before his own life was ended by authorities.
This and other recent outbursts of tragedy have pretty much brought an end to the innocence of small towns everywhere.
No one can again utter the phrase, "This kind of thing just doesn't happen here".

It can happen here.

It does happen here.

Day 72
Was pretty much a reflection of the events of the day.
Clear but with a storm brewing.
You can see the snow coming in from the left (east).
The storm moves in.
Then calm settles in and the wait through the night begins.
Day 73
Again seeming to reflect the day.
Looking at another storm moving in.
All hell broke loose.
Well, last Friday (the 8th) marked 6 weeks after February 1st.
6 weeks was supposed to be the longer version of winter.
I've said that where we live, spring by the middle of March would be a blessing.
He lied.
Tomorrow is the 15th of March and I don't see any daffodils.
Who has a good recipe for woodchuck stew?

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