Friday, February 1, 2013

Shut the Front Door ... Day ... uhh ... 32?

Ya' know...
Now that we are in the 2nd month of this year, I can't just look at the calendar at the bottom of my screen to see what day this is. Jan 31st was the 31st day. Feb 1st is the 32nd day. From here on out I have to count.
I was bettin' that I wouldn't have any use for math after high school.

Well this is what I was doing on February 1st in 2009.

It's kinda hard to tell here but I'm showing how high the snow banks are along the edge of our driveway. I was leaning up against and laying my right arm on the snow bank.
It also looks like I have no hands here but I must not of had my gloves on so my hands are tucked into my sleeves. I had snow pants and a hat on so I'm not sure why I wasn't wearing gloves.
(On a side note...those have been a great pair of snow pants. I bought them from JCPenney sometime in the late '80's. I still have them and they are in great shape.)

And here are the snow banks along the driveway February 1st 2013.

I don't think I need to go out there and do a full body measurement today. Ummm...4, maybe, 6 inches??? If it wasn't for the snow we received during the night, you would be looking at grass out there right now.

So...Day 32

Mostly sunny with snow off and on during the day. You can almost see that it's snowing down in the valley.
I think it's funny how the snow made a funky grid pattern on the top of the picnic table opposite to the grid pattern in the railings (takes very little to amuse me as you can see).

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