Friday, February 1, 2013

Newport dresser gets a new life

Hey there!!
Were you stunned to see a post from me that had a title other than Shut the Front Door??
Yea, I've been very, very lax about getting back into posting about furniture makeovers. That, in part, has to do with holidays, illnesses, and bad weather but mostly it's been a severe lack of ... motivation.

Today this post is about this poor creature I picked up in December 2012 from Newport Market Place.

First thing I did was remove the old hardware. I didn't know what I wanted to replace them with, but these had to go.

Then I hacked and ripped until I had all the crappy cardboard bottoms out from between the drawers.

The dresser was in fairly decent shape on the outside but there was some water damage. You can barely see it around the feet and down the left side but it caused some peeling veneer that had to be glued and clamped.

Once everything was sufficiently tacked back in place, I used my small mouse sander to scuff up the smooth shiny surface before painting.

After I painted the drawers, I realized that I couldn't find new hardware that I liked.
I decided I would use the knobs that originally came with my old coffee and end tables (See this post) that I made over a little while back.
Some Minwax stain gave them a little deeper color.

This is my hint for staining/painting knobs. Insert a long screw in the base.
If staining, dip them in the stain, wipe off the excess, and let stand on the head of the screw until dry. If painting, use the screw for a handle while applying paint with a small paint brush, then stand on the head of the screw until the paint dries.

Of course at this point I already had the drawers painted so I had to fill in the extra holes, sand, fill again, sand again, then repaint.
Yea, this is how I roll.

You may have noticed (then again, maybe not) that I only have 3 drawers here and there were originally 4 drawers in the dresser. That's because the bottom drawer was more damaged than I really wanted to try fixing so I decided to leave it out and make a shelf there instead.
I snagged a piece of plywood, cut it down to size, and painted it with CeCe Caldwell's Virginia Chestnut.

Then I put a coat of CeCe Caldwell's Satin Finish on it because I figured it would get more wear and tear depending on what was put on the shelf.

This is the inside of the dresser with the new bottom shelf. I just removed the support from the center because it stuck up a little higher than I needed and then glued down the piece of painted plywood.

The drawers and dresser were all painted and finished with CeCe Caldwell's Michigan Pine and CeCe Caldwell's Clear Wax.

I distressed the edges and surfaces slightly then lightly brushed on some CeCe Caldwell's Dark Aging Wax.

Once it was put all back together, I had this.

FANtastic. Hehe...I amuse myself sometimes.


  1. i prefer these knobs! i have a similar dresser with brass hardware and really wish i could snap my fingers and make it turn to wood knobs! bravo.

    stopping by via MMS and hope and welcome you to come hang out on my blog whenever you get a free moment and feel like dreamin a little bit.

    smiles to you.


    1. Thank you so much Michele. I will stop over and hang out for a little while :)


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