Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Shut the Front Door ... Day 58 ... Death by Flip Flop?

I think everyone can relate to having that one thing that you just love wearing.
That one thing you pretty much wear until it falls off your body.

The comfy jeans,
the raggedy flannel shirt,
or the holey sneaks.

I've had pretty much all the above but...

I love my flip flops.
(even though when I stand in the sun, the rivets get really hot and burn my feet)
I got these puppies on clearance at Sears (this is not a sponsored post) about 5 years ago for $8.
That's like ...
$1.60 a year.
13 cents a month.
(I make sure I get every penny out of the stuff I buy)
They are falling apart.
I had to glue the bottom back onto the left one last night.
It was flopping in the breeze and damned near killed me while I was coming up the cellar stairs.
When I bought them, it took me about a week to realize that they were really, really comfortable but when I went back to get another pair,
Not one single pair was to be found.
Of course they had 2 pair in brown but I wanted another black pair.
I snatched up the two brown pair anyway...$8 for leather flip flops is a really good deal.
If anyone knows where I can find a pair (or 3) of flip flops like these (in black),
let me know.
There's a rumor going around that summer is on it's way!
My source seems pretty reliable?
And I need another good pair of black flip flops.
I was so concerned with taking pictures of my shoes that I almost forgot to take a picture of
Day 58.
 Can you guess what kind of day this was?
Yea, that kind of day.

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