Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shut the Front Door ... Day 57 ... Mid winter blah. Has anyone seen spring?

Day 57.
Oh my goodness. Another dull dreary day.

Did we always have to live through this much dreary before spring?
I'm beginning to wonder if there are really zombies walking the streets
Is it just New Yorkers
 walking around in their normal mid winter,
pale skin,
vitamin D deficient,
dreariness induced,
I just can't explain the missing body parts.
I've also noticed that it's THE LAST WEEK OF FEBRUARY and not one single solitary sign of spring can be found.
I asked the chickadee if he knows where spring is.
He was a little rude.
No help here.
I asked the cows if they know where spring is.
They just seemed to be overly concerned about the fresh stash of grass they found in the barn.
No help here either.
I asked the deer if they know where spring is.
Hey, wait for me.

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