Thursday, February 7, 2013

Shut the Front Door ... Day 38 ... Lock, stock, and barrel

It's a sad day when you realize that this 
  has to come between your customers and the products you are trying to sell.
I've been unfortunate enough to have had some of my smaller, more valuable items stolen from my booth.
Because of the selfishness of one person, I'm now forced to inconvenience myself, the staff at Newport Marketplace, and all my honest customers.
To those of you who do support my business, I apologize for this inconvenience, and I so very much appreciate your continued support.
Thank you!
I showed you pictures the other day of my booth at Newport Marketplace.
These are pictures from the booths of a few of the many other vendors.

  See what I mean?
Lots and lots of cool stuff here.
And these are just a few of the booths and only a fraction of the stuff available.
Saturday the 9th is the "10% of everything" sale.
Apparently there is a major storm barreling toward the east coast and starting tonight it's supposed to get really messy out there.
I'm home,
 and have a sufficient supply of Pepsi
Day 38
Zoom view into Steuben Valley and looking at the hills of the South Trenton area.
Normally, you see this shot.
Stay warm people!

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