Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Shut the Front Door ... Day 37

Day 37

Believe it or not it was snowing really hard this morning.
It's clear now and is supposed to get very cold tonight.

We're supposed to have a few days of really crappy weather coming through so I'll be heading down to Newport Marketplace again tomorrow to bring more stuff down for the 10% off sale this Saturday. I'm also selling several pieces of my Silpada jewelry that I no longer wear. It's really beautiful jewelry at a great price and if you buy it on Saturday, you'll score a great deal with the additional 10% discount.

I've been staring at my screen for over half an hour and I'm so tired, I just can't think of a thing to say.
I'm usually talkin' or squakin' up a storm here.

On that note, I'm heading off to bed.

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