Friday, January 4, 2013

Shut the Front Door ... Day 4 (Hehe ... that rhymes)

Here we are at Day 4!!

First Friday of the new year.

Huh, I remember when Friday's were looked forward to as...
1. the last day of the work week...yeehaa!
2. the reason to order pizza and wings and rent a movie to watch with the, fun, fun.
3. the night of the week to meet up with friends and go out to dinner...yea I went out once or twice.

I woke up this morning and couldn't remember if today was Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.
Had to check my phone to find out (thank God for smart phones).
It would be great if I could blame that moment of amnesia on a night of partying but it was a night of cold medicine and a chronic cough.

Sucks to get old.

So, Day 4.
A fairly mild day for the most part.

I had to take this picture through the glass because the screen door was frozen shut.

Since the rules for this series of pictures is going to be made up as I go along, this picture qualifies for the 'Shut the Front Door' series even though the door was actually shut when I was taking the picture.

As you can see the snow is building up... again... and will need to be shoveled... again... this weekend.
I offered to shovel but Bob said that I shouldn't be out in the cold so long while I'm sick.
If I knew that being sick would get me out of having to do things around here, I would stop using those alcohol wipes on my shopping carts at Walmart.
Those things are a breeding ground for every virus known to man.

Hope you've been able to dodge the cold and other viruses going around this year.

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