Friday, January 4, 2013

NY Nightstand goes a little Santa Fe.

I've had this little nightstand for ever.
I don't even remember where I got it from??
Since that's probably age talking...we'll just move on. 

It has some peeling veneer but overall it's still in good condition.

The knob is missing but since this isn't actually a drawer, it doesn't matter.
Just let it go.

A few layers of wood filler helped to clean up the top a bit. 
I'm not really great at this so it didn't come out perfect...but I'm ok with that. 

The bottom was sagging just a bit so I added a small board for reinforcement.
This thing is about the same age as I am and
I can relate to the need for reinforcement to combat sagging issues.

I started with Mesa Sunset for the outside

and Vintage White for the inside.

See, already looking a little better.

The door handle got a little Santa Fe Turquoise

and some Dark Aging Wax.

I sealed the whole piece with some Polyurethane to protect it.

Since the fake drawer didn't need an actual knob, I chose a few beads for decoration instead.

And...all done.

I like it.
I love my hat too.

This piece is for sale at Newport Market Place.

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