Monday, January 7, 2013

Little wooden table and an easy peasy, hint of lemon, makeover

Quite a few years ago (like in the 80's), I bought this little table from a home decor catalog party. 

I think it probably cost me $20 at the time. 
It arrived in little pieces that I had to put together myself. 
You know the drill. Insert square peg A into round hole B.

Made in the USA....Not!

Which explains why the side panels just flap in the breeze.

I took it all back apart and lightly scuffed up all those glossy surfaces.

Sanding is not really necessary with this paint but I just wanted to make sure to get a nice smooth cover.

Looks like primer or white paint but it's a very light hint of lemon yellow.

I added a coat of Satin Finish to protect the paint.

A little glue applied to all the pieces while putting it back together to ensure that the side panels would no longer flap in the breeze and the legs will stay secure.

I took it apart, painted it, sealed it, glued it, and put it all back together in 1 day.

Just in time for Christmas.

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