Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Shut the Front Door ... Day 8 ... Asthma attacks, snow belching beasts, and a scared dog.

If you read my post from yesterday, the general consensus of my doctor is that .....
I have a cold.
That's it.
Just a cold.
1 chest xray, 1 test for MRSA, 2 inhalers, and 3 different prescriptions for 3 different controlled substances, and all I have is a cold.
I think that I'm really dying, she's trying desperately to save my life by trying to overdose me, and she doesn't want to tell me the truth in a pathetic attempt to preserve my last days of happiness on this earth (even though she made me cry when she inadvertently induced an asthma attack by doing that "take just one more deep breath, another, another...". There was no happiness in that at all.).

Yea, good times.


Day 8 ... also known as the day the snow belching beast came to town and scared the dog.

I've mentioned before that my dog, brave and protective as she is, is scared to death of the heavy equipment we have around our house. She will park herself between me and any of those scary, noisy, rumbling beasts but she will also run faster than me away from them as long as she knows I'm right behind her.

Today she was outside by herself when ... dun, dun, dunnnn ... the snow belching beast came around the side of the house.

This is Gabby.
Barking, prancing, practically jumping up and down, all in an effort to make me open the door.

Because this..... was out there.

I know. Terrifying.

Once she was inside, she had to turn around and make sure it wasn't following her (or maybe she was parking herself between me and it again??).

Yep, brave dog.

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