Sunday, December 9, 2012

101, well more like 3, uses for artifical Christmas tree branches

For the past several years I've had an artificial Christmas tree.
Every year,
I get it out,
scowl at it,
put it up,
put it away,
and swear it will not see the light of day next year. 
It's an evil pattern that's been repeated for more years than I care to count (11 years).
It's not like it was a bad looking tree.
I was just tired of it.

This is from Christmas 2009.

I decided this was the year I was going to revolt and refuse to put it up.
I'm still not really ready to just throw it away. 
I began the search for ways to put that thing to good use and so far I've come up with a few ideas.
The top section was easy.
I stuck it in an old crock,
added a strand of berries,
a glittered pine cone for good measure,
and called it a day.

It looks nice on my desk top.
I sorted out the branches by size (just like when you are putting the tree up...ugg) 
I took 3 of the longest branches and bent the wire backwards to form a loop. 
I used floral wire to attach some holiday greenery down the center.
I tied on a bow.
And I added a few strands of raffia.
I think they came out pretty good with using just the random stuff I had on hand.
And here's all 3 along my balcony railing.
To use up some more of the branches,
I gathered up a few ash buckets,

a wash tub,
and this wooden planter that I had flowers in over the summer. 
In each one,
I added several of the shorter branches for fill and a few of the longer branches for height.
I also went out in the back 40 and cut a few red color branches from the bushes.
The outside planter got a few of the branches but I figure it's going to snow anytime now so, other than the old rusty horse shoes and a sleigh runner, I didn't bother to do any other decorating here.
The larger ash can has the star that I bought for the tree last year.
I tied a few little jingle bells to the side of the smaller ash can.
The large wash tub was decorated with berry garland and pine cones.
Well, now I'm out of buckets and cans but I have a ton of branches left
so... I'll have to rake the ole' noggin for a few more ideas.
Have you ever dismanteled an artificial tree to use the parts for something else?
What ideas did you come up with?

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