Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Once upon a time ... there was a little wooden tote.

This is the story of simple little wooden tote.

It was small... kind of.
It was square... sort of.
It was rough around the edges... absolutely.
It was un-finished... positively.
It thought, "If only I had a coat of paint. Then I wouldn't be so simple".
I need paint.
Any ole paint will do.
So it tried on a coat of paint.
Then it thought, "Oh no, this won't do at all".
I'm still....simple.

I'm still small... kind of.
I'm still square... sort of.
I'm still rough around the edges... absolutely.
I'm still ..... positively .... un-finished.
So simple little wooden tote decided to get professional help.
(which the author of this blog should consider as well)
Professional help suggested
a little color.
Simple wooden tote's outside was painted with CeCe Caldwell's Mesa Sunset.
The inside was stained with Rust-Oleum American Walnut. 
Professional help suggested some highlights.
(thank you, Kathy from Vintage Dames for the sample of CeCe Caldwell's Aging Wax)
Wax was applied sparingly with a brush then wiped down with a soft cloth.
Professional help threw in a touch of bling.
Bling consisted of an old greeting card picture of cute little puppies.
The picture was applied it to simple little wooden tote's side with Modge Podge then a thin coat of the Modge Podge was applied to the rest of the painted area.
Professional help waited patiently (yea right) for the Modge Podge to dry.
Dum, de, dum, de, dum.
De, dum......
Little wooden tote is
still small... kind of.
still square... sort of.
Still rough around the edges... absolutely. longer un-finished....positively. 
And...simple no longer.
I have a cold and am obviously under the influence of a pharmaceutical substance.

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