Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Some of My Inventory at Newport Market Place

I know, the title of this post sounds really boring but I'll try to make the content a little more exciting.

Take an old wooden tabletop bookshelf.
Add paint that goes on red and turns pink. 
See. Suspense and mystery. How exciting is that?
This poor little thing was like a little winter whiteout.
Now it's a mix of blue and grey like a storm cloud in a summer sky.
Poetry...oh yea.
An old jewelry box lookin' pretty...not.
Jewelry box now lookin' pretty...hot. 
Here come the fashion police.
Then there's this little color blind number.
20/20 vision. Much better. 
Do you have your eye doctor on speed dial? I do.
Bleach blond before.
Going grey naturally after. 
Who says blonds have more fun. Huh? Who?
From $1 flea market find.
To fabulous. 
Who needs blacklights when you have spray paint?
Cute pair but they hardly notice each other.
Now, all dolled up, and they can't take their eyes off each other. 
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Entertainment center that's not quite so entertaining.
A wardrobe/costume center that could keep your child occupied for hours. 
Now that's some magic trick!
An old headboard....snooze.
A new french accent corkboard/message center....pow!
Kinda hits ya right upside the head huh? Get it? Headboard..head...nevermind.
Blah plain Jane mirror....not a fan.
Cotton candy pink....fan indeed. 
Paparazzi got nothin' on me.
Simple wooden tote...handmade by my grandfather.
Not so simple wooden tote....handmade by my grandfather....tweaked by me. 
Come on down to the Newport Market Place in cozy little Newport, NY to see all these items and soooo... much more.
Open house is November 17, 2012
10% off all participating vendors items
Free Refreshments
December 1, 2012 is Newport's Holiday Event
Enter to win a $100 gift certificate.


  1. Kim...I absolutely love the things you have done...definately not boring anymore! Donna


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