Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Grandma's Dresser Makeover (Victim #1)

Earlier this year I inherited my grandmother's bedroom set.
Which is fine...but...
#1... I really did not need a bedroom set.
#2... I didn't want to see the set thrown out.
#3... I don't like the idea of having my bedroom cluttered up with huge pieces of furniture.
#4... I needed to find new uses for the set and until I did, it looked like this...

For almost 2 months, I had this pile in my spare room just waiting for .... inspiration.

I decided baby steps were the way to go. I'm going to work on one piece at a time and make each piece find a new home .... somewhere.

Victim #1.
The dresser.

It's large and it looks like it's packed with drawers. In actuality, there are only 6 drawers in the thing. 3 large and 3 small.

See, Large drawers.
 And, small drawers.

I removed the drawers.
Then I removed the guides from the 3 small side drawers and the large top drawer.

The hardware was showing it's age and was in need of a little help.

I took the hardware from the 2 large drawers that I was keeping with the dresser and poked the screws through an old pizza box so they would stand upright and make painting them easier.

They received a coat of black spray paint.

While I was waiting for the spray paint to dry, I started painting the dresser with CeCe Caldwell's Hershey Brown (which is now called Virginia Chestnut).

this picture was taken after it started getting dark out so I had to use my flash which bleached the color out a bit but this paint actually does dry much lighter than it looks like it's going to... so, technically, this is the actual color of the paint when it's dry...even though it's wet at this point.

Got all that?
Moving on...
I applied a coat of CeCe Caldwell's Clear Wax.
 Attached the newly painted hardware.

And now I have a much improved entertainment center for my living room.

Pay no attention to the dust. I was in a hurry to take pictures because I needed to put my fall decorations away.

Because.... Today, I started decorating for Christmas.

I thought I would go with this handmade horse drawn log sleigh that I usually have on top of my kitchen cupboards. I'll probably tweak this a few times before I'm completely satisfied but for now I like it.

Now on to Victim #2 of grandma's dresser set. 
The left over drawers.


  1. Kim,
    Great job refurbing your Grandmother's dresser! What a wonderful use for it. I understand your feelings about not needing it but not wanting to toss it out.
    Your Friend,

    1. Thanks Deborah. It is a bit of an emotional roller coaster and I'm glad that I'm finding uses around my home for some of her belongings.


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