Monday, November 26, 2012

The Great Dresser Makeover...well, maybe not that great.

I inherited this dresser from my grandson.
It appears he's a bit tough on furniture.
A bit of dirt.
I'll call this a bit of dirt because poor lighting made the picture a bit yellowish.

Only 1 knob left out of 10.

Some random pencil marks.

Broken drawer.

And coffee cup stains....hmmm (he's only 7).

His mother did the art work in a desperate attempt to make it interesting.
First thing I did was give the whole dresser a few coats of CeCe Caldwell's Sedona Red.
Now this already looks better but I had the broken drawer to deal with.
I found a random piece of thin plywood in the basement left over from when we built our house. I held it up to the front of the dresser and marked where the side needed to be cut.
I used clamps to secure the wood to my picnic table,
closed my eyes (almost),
and cut along the line I had drawn.
Took the piece back in the house and slid it into place
(actually astonished that it fit), 
marked where the overhang out the front needed to be cut,
clamped it down once again to the picnic table,
and made the second cut.
This was my first time ever using a power saw.
Not too bad if I do say so myself.
Now I have a shelf instead of a drawer.
I decided that it was a little on the flimsy side and needed a bit more support so I added a small strip of wood under the ledge.
Then I painted the inside of the shelf.
Next I applied a coat of CeCe Caldwell's Satin Finish.
It looks a little funky when you first paint it on but it dries nice and smooth.
The next issue I had to deal with was my lack of drawer pulls.
Since new knobs don't come cheap, I had to get a little creative.
Hello grandpa's old cobwebby basement. 
These will do just fine.
A little primer.
A little Paint.
(in case you were wondering about the screws in the center of the knobs... it looked like it was going to rain any minute and I needed to be able to pick them up and move them at a moments notice. This way I can pick them up while the paint is wet without having to touch the knobs)
This is what I needed to attach the knobs to the dresser.
The washer in front to keep the bolt from falling through the hole in the knob.
2 nylon washers (spacers) in back to allow for a little depth between the knob and the drawer.
Much better.


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