Friday, November 30, 2012

Winter is here ... Bring on the decorating

Last Saturday morning we met the plow just down the road from our house.
Our neighbor, Jeff, just hanging off the side for the fun of it I guess.
Monday morning, the sky was a beautiful blue with those typical winter clouds hanging over the north.

Wednesday night we were stuck in our first snowplow brigade of the season.
For those of you who are not familiar with a snowplow brigade, it's when 2 to 3 snowplows line up side by side to plow the highways. They always crawl at a ridiculously slow pace (especially during rush hour) and there is always a line of cars behind them.

To celebrate this onslaught of wintery delight, I started my Christmas decorating this week.
I would like to introduce:
Belvedeer and Pelicandish,


And I think we all know, Flounder and Sebastian.

The grandkids seem to enjoy them and they don't fit in with most of my decorating so these guys occupy the bathroom over the holidays. Actually, I think it was one of my grandkids who left the string of beads wrapped around the shell.
On my kitchen counter, I keep my cake dish occupied so I don't feel like I have to keep cake around all the time.
My little snowman occupies the back hall.
One of my newest additions this year is my Amish children on a sled.
These little things are cast iron and quite heavy for their size.
That's about all the decorating I've done so far.
Maybe by the end of the weekend I'll have some more done???
Maybe not.

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