Tuesday, June 19, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things

Again, for the lack of a finished project to show you, I thought I would fill you in a little bit on some of my favorite things.

I love rocks.

This wall that parallels my driveway is one of my favorite collections of rocks. It was built over the last 200 or so years by the people who have owned the adjoining properties (including my grandparents and great grandparents).

I also love flowers.
I take pictures of the varieties that I find on my property all the time.

Birdsfoot Trefoil

Buttercup and Orange Hawkweek


Ragged Robin

Purple flower (?) in Buckwheat field



This lovely little setting is the visitor reception area of Boldt Castle at Alexandria Bay NY.

My mother has a thing for flowers too. Might just be where I get it from.

Then there's my obsession with clouds.

Abstract art type

Invading space ship type

Surreal dream-like type (I did not do anything to the color of this...really)

And rainbows.

Can you see my husband looking for the pot of gold?

The moon can be really cool at times too.

And then there's the things that grow by the light of the moon.

Love to look at them but I haven't a clue which ones are safe and which are not (not that I like to eat them or anything).

What I really, really like to eat is fruit and berries!

Apple blossom



Blackberry blossoms

Unripe Blackberries (do not mistake for raspberries..not tasty at all)

 Blackberries (tasty)

And shy little wild strawberries (make really good jam if you have the patience to pick enough)

Outside of clouds, I think trees make up the majority of my pictures.

Pinecones on the Tamarack in the spring.

Colors of Fall

Mantle of white in winter

Thank you for stopping by.


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