Friday, November 21, 2014

Painting a Leather Top Stand with CeCe Caldwell's Stain + Finish

Third post in a row about painting.
I must have fallen and hit my head or something.

So this post is about this table.
As you can see there were some issues with stained leather and scratches.

I reached way, way back in my stash of paint and came up with CeCe Caldwell's Mississippi Mud.
I slapped a few coats on the wooden parts of the stand.

Remember that abused leather top?

Check it out now.
Shiny and soft after 4 coats of CeCe Caldwell's Kukui Stain + Finish.

How's this for a smooth and creamy finish too?

I pretty much thought I was going to have to strip that leather top off of there.
But it turned out great.

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