Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Shut the Front Door ... Days 335 thru 365 ... Decembrrrr

My last two posts consisted of pictures for the entire months of October and November.
Because one day led to the next and before I knew it the first day of October turned into the last week of December.
Time doesn't fly.
It warps into the next century right before your eyes.
With that said, I better get on with this post for the month of December before July comes barreling around the corner.
Day 335
The first day of December and what-da-ya-know??
Day 336
No Front Door picture again today.
My excuse?
I had a dead appliance removed from my kitchen.
I didn't say it was a good excuse.
Day 337
No pictures again.
I wouldn't blame you at all for not sticking around until the bitter end here.
Day 338
Cold and cloudy was the recipe for the day.
"Can you see spring from here"?
"Nope. Just more of the same white crap on the horizon".
"I say, I say... I was framed".
Are ya listenin' boy?
Do you ever wonder what they are really thinking?
Me neither.
Sitting in cold solitude.
Day 339
Typical gloomy-ness going on here.
Day 340
Snows a meltin', fogs a rollin' in.
Day 341
Snows a fallin' ... again.
The new shed looks kinda' nice in the trees.
We got quite a bit of snow today.
Day 342
No pictures.
No excuse for it.
Just sayin'.
Day 343
I think it we had a little ice during the night.
Using the tractor to break up the ice in the driveway so we can get out of here without the help of the Olympic luge team.
Our neighbors go all out every year with their holiday light display.
It's really something to see.
Day 344
More snow.
Day 345
Oh Yea!!!
Sunshine :)
Day 346
Gorgeous sunrise but a cold morning for sure.
Day 347
Cold and blustery day.
To the end of the earth...
Who's with me?
One question.
Why isn't the plow on the ground?
There's snow on the ground dude.
It's ok to use the plow today.
Men with plows talking.
No good can come from this.
Day 348
One word.
Day 349
Another gray day.
If her life gets any more difficult, I may find myself face to face with PETA.
Sled racing for dummies.
Step 1.
 Find a minimum of 2 rednecks
(recommended ages - at least one should be old enough to know better).
Step 2.
Add at least 1 motorized vehicle
 (proper registration not recommended).
Step 3.
Provide the rednecks with an odd assortment of other equipment like ropes and sleds
 (safety equipment not recommended).
Step 4.
Step back.
And the supervisor has the nerve to wonder what I'm up to.
Day 350
 Just about 12:30 in the afternoon.
Full sun and still gloomy.
Almost zero visibility.
Not a snowflake in sight.
My windshield wash fluid has been frozen for days.
 Skies finally cleared up for the day and left us with a beautiful sunset.
Day 351
No pictures again today.
Day 352
More of the gloomy grays.
Day 353
No pictures.
Day 354
Ahhh crap.
No pictures.
Day 355
No pictures.
Day 356
Seems like we've had a bit of a meltdown in the past few days.
Day 357
The day before Christmas Eve.
Apparently I had more pressing issues to deal with than taking pictures.
Day 358
No Front Door picture today.
Just "Camera War Christmas Eve".
Then there are the "Don't take my picture" wars.
Fun times.
Day 359
 Merry Christmas Everybody!
I would also like to introduce the latest member of my grandson's menagerie.
Pickled Pete, the Albino Leopard Gecko, and his band, The Chirpin' Crickets.
We now have
1 gecko,
1 kitten (which has yet to be named and photographed),
2 dogs,
2 roosters,
4 ducks,
5 baby chicks,
10 chickens (down from 11 due to hawk invasion),
75,000 crickets,
1/2 million meal worms/beetles.
Sounds like a really bad version of "Partridge in a Pear Tree" to me.
Day 360
Day 361
Day 362
Just a glimmer of hope on the horizon for today.
Apparently it's not gloomy somewhere out there.
Day 363
Snow coming down by the bucketfulls again today.
Just what everyone wants to be doing in a blizzard.
Standing on a step ladder with a torch.
A normal person would at least wait for the visibility to improve.
Day 364
 That's not a dirty window your looking through (really, it's not).
The snow is thicker than fog and almost completely blocking out the sun.
Day 365
Guess what?
No Front Door picture today.
Because I forgot to take a picture before I left home this morning.
By the time I got home tonight it was dark out.
I would like to thank everyone who stuck with me though this year long rant and didn't give in to the urge to hunt me down and put an end to the misery.
Please stay tuned for my posts in 2014.
I am working on some exciting new things for the new year and I'll fill you in on those as soon as I have some more details. 

To read the previous post for this series click this link.
If you want to start reading this series from the beginning (good luck) try clicking on this link.

SOoooooo Long 2013.
I'm on to bigger and better things.

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