Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Shut the Front Door ... Days 231 thru 274 ... Hell yea ... or maybe no?

I know it's been since the middle of August since my last post.
I'm sorry.
I really do try to keep up with this but the days just seem to fly by.
Next thing I know, I'm writing another very long post to try and catch up.

Anyway, on with the show.

Day 231
No Front Door picture today.
Don't know why.
There's really no excuse for it.
I did go out and buy a watermelon today at a farmer's market.
Nice one.
I don't really like buying them whole because you never know just how ripe they are.
There's probably a way to tell but I don't know how.
We also don't usually finish them so the whole ones tended to be a waste.
Not anymore.
Just drop that shell into the chicken coop and stand back
(or get knocked over by a flock of stampeding chickens).
They love melons.
Clean them right down to the green rind.
Crazy birds.
Go eat your melon dude.
The girls will have it finished before you know it.
Day 232
A very nice day indeed.
Gabby looking for me.
Heaven forbid I get out of sight.
A little sparrow got into the house today.
When we caught it, we noticed it had some strange growths on it's feet.
There are a few small ones around it's beak (very hard to see here).
It's got Avian Pox.
If you notice birds around your feeders with strange growths or lesions,
please contact your local cooperative extension.
If you are in New York, contact
Jarra Jagne, DVM, DACPV
Senior Extension Associate
Veterinary Support Services
Cornell University
Animal Health Diagnostic Center
Cell: 607-279-1089 
Their wildlife associates are trying to investigate a possible outbreak of the virus.
Day 233
Another lovely day.
But...apparently taking this picture was all I accomplished today.
Day 234
Not so nice today.
Gloomy and rainy and nothing else going on apparently.
Day 235
A beautiful day coming to an end.
Must be I just woke up because this is all I got ... again.
Day 236
Beautiful, beautiful day for sure.
It's hard to believe that there's only 1 more week left of August.
And...just one week ago, I went head over heels over the dog and really messed up my hands and leg.
I thought I would try some before and after pictures to see if I'm improving or not.
Left wrist
From purple/red to blue/green.
Right wrist.
Again...not looking so good.
Right leg.
Healing up but still bruised and sore ... uggg.
And finally, right hand.
The swelling has gone down considerably but there is still some black and blue going on there.
All in all, it's getting better.
I think.
I had a pretty decent day going on here...
Poor George (I'll spare you the after picture of him).
Aug 30, 2012 - Aug 24, 2013
I also found this thing in my driveway today.
I'm wondering if it's a cicada???
I'm just glad it was already dead.
I think I might have really freaked out if it was flying around.
 Day 237
A bit overcast and gloomy lookin' huh?
Day 238
No pictures.
Day 239
Getting late.
Almost missed the day.
Sunset in the back yard.
Looks like a big claw closing in around the orange cloud.
Day 240
Coming to the end of a pretty nice day.
The geese came back for a visit today.
I hope this doesn't mean that they are starting their trek south already.
The day ended with a pretty fiery lookin' cloud.
Day 241
No Front Door picture today.
the geese are still here.
it seems as if they invited some friends over for a swim
... and the dog too.
Day 242
No pictures.
Day 243
A seriously dark and gloomy morning.
Barn in the gloom.
Can you see the seahorse riding the cloud?
I also learned something
 about my self today.
What the HELL is that hanging under my arm????
Objects in the mirror are grumpier than they appear.
For cripes sake, just smile for once and stop giving me that,
"I can't believe you are taking pictures again", look.
Day 244
Day 245
Seemed to be another weird weather day.
On the other hand it was a good day for ...
Day 246
No Pictures.
Day 247
Nice sunset.
Day 248
No Pictures.
Day 249
No Pictures.
Day 250
Nice day :)
I decided to "dig up" the potatoes today.
I only planted 4 potatoes (each one cut in half for 8 plants).
I'm not sure if this is a good haul for what I planted???
I did experiment with container gardening for these.
I used 2 really large terra cotta look-alike pots,
put some stones in the bottom for drainage,
put about 1 1/2 feet of top soil,
added about 1 foot of purchased compost mixture,
then covered with about an inch of mulch.
They only grew in the purchased compost mixture part of the pot.
They did not reach down into the topsoil part of the pot.
Maybe next year I'll try something different to see if I can get a better result.
Day 251
Another beautiful day.
Clearing a spot for a shed.
Now hopefully the Amish will show up to build it like they promised.
Day 252
It's not snowing so I'm fine with it.
Day 253
No pictures
Day 254
No pictures.
Day 255
What the #@!! have I been up to?
No Pictures again.
Day 256
This is really embarrassing.
I mean really.
Day 257.
I'm gonna cry.
Day 258.
Oh wait....
No Front Door Picture again today.
I do have....
A crap sniffing dog.
Playing hide-n-seek with an excavator.
Milk weed.
Some strange purple flower. 
An even stranger yellow stem of flowers. 
New digs for the chickens.
A really pathetic looking cabbage plant.
a cute newt.
Day 259
Another peaceful evening.
(a.k.a. ... I almost missed taking a picture again today)
Day 260 

Not a cloud in the sky (almost).
The chickens spent more time digging through the old crappy grass left on the brush hog than they did wandering around the yard today.
Public service announcement::
This is what happens if you don't re-pot your plants at least once a year.
Your plant will grow to be very attached to it's dirt (and the Styrofoam peanuts used for drainage).
Day 261
No pictures.
Day 262
Nice, nice day fer-sure.
Day 263
No Pictures.
Day 264
Day 265
You know you're a dedicated politician when you put up signs in this neighborhood.
Day 266
No pictures.
Day 267
Gorgeous sunset tonight.
It's been a little while since I posted an old barn.
Day 268
No Front Door picture today.
Just a really foggy pic from the morning.
Day 269
Love this picture.
Day 270
No Front Door Picture today...again.
Just an awesome sunset on my way home.
And another old barn just down the road from me.
You can see through it.
Day 271
No Front Door picture again today.
So sad.
But I did get a shot of the grandson licking his chops on an old fire truck.
It was the sticky cotton candy's fault.
Day 272
This is as close as I got to a Front Door picture today.
The view of the valley from halfway down my driveway.
Day 273
The last day of September and the colors of the season are really starting to show.
This is by far my favorite tree this year.
Love these colors.
I sometimes wonder why the pictures I take don't always seem to have the vivid colors I remember seeing in person.
Now I know why.
Apparently I'm wearing "rose autumn colored glasses".
Without sunglasses
With sunglasses
Day 274
Starting out the last quarter of the year.
The back yard.
Once again.
I am sorry about the length of this post.
I really, really do appreciate each and every one of you who are patient enough to make it all the way through to the end.
The good new is ...
there are only 91 more days left to this year and I will have completed this series.
The bad new is ...
there are only 84 days (12 Saturdays) left until Christmas.


  1. Wow, you do live in a beautiful area, no wonder you take so many great photos. I really enjoyed this post, thank you x

    1. Thank you for the kind words. Yes, this is a very beautiful little corner of the world :)


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