Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Shut the Front Door ... Day 86 ... An accident waiting to happen.

I think today should go down in history.
It should be a new national holiday.
It should be looked back on as some sort of miraculous alignment of the planets.
It's the day my husband "ASKED" me if he could park the plow in front of the house.
He didn't just park it in the way with out asking if it was going to be in the way.

to park the snowplow in front of the house.
There's a plow in my parking spot.
KAPOW....yea I can see that happening.
Did I say he could park the plow there?
I better review that conversation to find out just where things went wrong.
That whole asking permission thing must have thrown me off.
Day 86
Clear and, surprisingly, not very cold today.
Cool and breezy.
Not cold and blustery.
Oh yea,
Flat Stanley is still here.
He pretty much kept himself busy today.
What do jungle plants,
a secret agent disguise,
baseball bats,
dirty hand prints,
and random flying objects
have in common?
Nothing but that's pretty much how a great imagination works.

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