Thursday, March 21, 2013

Shut the Front Door ... Day 79 and 80 ... The 1st and 2nd day of spring

Day 79
The first day of spring.
Why didn't I write this post up yesterday?
It was too depressing to look at these pictures of the...
The morning sun trying to peek through the clouds.
The snow bank along my driveway is as high as my car window.
Finally clear skies in the afternoon but for some reason it's still snowing.
Day 80
The first day after the first day of spring.
I took this from my upper deck.
Most of my "Shut the Front Door" pictures are taken from the lower level.
You can tell there is some snow falling from the clouds over the valley.

The snow banks at the top of the driveway are almost higher than my husband's truck.
How about some random drive-by pictures from the past week to cheer you me up?
As you look at these, you can see what a difference there is between my neighborhood and the communities 10-30 miles south of where I live.
My mail man used to say that Starr Hill in the winter is a different world all together.
It's hard to tell here but there is no front or back wall to that barn.
It's see thru.

Amish out spreading manure.
Bridge down by Little Falls.
 Cow barn.
Really freaky sunset.
Sap season.
Water trough in the Village of Barneveld.
Seriously old.
Gnome tree house.
Maybe tomorrow.


  1. WOW you have a lot of snow at your house. Feel free to send some to VA. We only need 1-3 inches to get a snow day! ;)

    1. If it were possible, I would send every last inch of it to you with a smiley note saying, "Have fun, make a snowman".


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