Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shut the Front Door ... Day 70 ... At the bottom of the winter barrel.

Day 70
Cool and windy.
Cloudy and gloomy.

My grandmother used to say that if the snow melted with the sun and winds of March then we would have a nice summer.
If the snow melts with the rains of March, then summer would be cold and crappy.
Of course there were years when we were still looking at snow in May to which she didn't have any clever sayings for.
Oh well.

So far, March has been a combination of gloom, sun and wind (lots of wind) so I'm laying my odds on a decent summer.
Sounds good to me.
If you ask me (which I'm sure you didn't), March should be a season all onto itself.
It has no boundaries. It can be warm, cold, freezing, raining, sunny, snowy.
You name it, March has it.
But the one thing it has the most is MUD.
From here on out, March is the official month of sludge.

Thick, slimy, nastiness at the bottom of the barrel.
March is the bottom of the winter barrel.
Yea, I think sludge describes it best.
And for now, our pond is still gooseless.
I hope.

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