Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Shut the Front Door ... Day 63 ... Some more Drive-by Photography

Day 63.
Pretty much the same as the previous 62 days.
No sign of spring in sight yet.
To keep from going postal on every rodent meteorologist I can find,
I console myself with drive-by photography.
View of the top of my driveway from the corners of Starr Hill and Sixty Rd.
Actually, I was watching to make sure the car that I passed was going around the corner and not heading up my driveway.
I'm paranoid like that.
You just never know.
The view of Steuben Valley from the top of Sixty Rd.
Just for comparison, this is a polaroid taken back sometime in the '70's of Steuben Valley, just at a slightly different angle.
Rt 365 going into Stitville.
The state is working on the bridge over 9 Mile Creek and passage has been reduced to a single lane.

I noticed these little signs while I was waiting at the red light.
"Stop here on red".
Kind of redundant but,
I can do that.
Then there's the little sign,
which thanks to my antenna, you can barely read.
It say's "Push button for green light".
Am I supposed to put my car in park,
take my seat belt off,
 get out of my car
(while there may be traffic coming by me because they have the green light right now),
walk around my car,
push the button,
walk back around my car,
get in,
put my seat belt back on,
put my car back in drive,
just so I can go through this light?
By the time I go through all that, the light will probably have changed back to red before I can take the car out of park and step on the gas.
Therefore, requiring me to repeat all of the above steps.
Not a very efficient process to be sure.
But, hey, that's NYS for ya.
Before I could contemplate this any further, the light changed to green all by itself.
Can you guess what this is?
Big scary monster?
Street lights in a windstorm?
Give up?
It's a snowplow doing the Harlem Shake.
Which explains the earthquake feeling you get when they drive by.

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