Thursday, February 21, 2013

Shut the Front Door ... Day 52 ... Random snow thoughts and Damage control at the grocery store.

Day 52
I'm not sure if we didn't get much more snow during the night like we were supposed to, or if the raging wind blew most of the snow away.
You can barely tell here but the snow is tapered back from the right edge of the table but overhanging the left edge of the table.
I wish I knew why the wind always has to leave the snow drift right where I have to walk through it to get in my car.
Very annoying.
These machines need something to do.
Anyone in the Upstate NY area need some excavating work done?
Believe it or not, they can be operated during the winter too.
Perry's Excavating

Ok, shameless plug.

Sky over Utica looked kinda cool this afternoon with a baby blue strip of clear sky peeking out between the higher and the lower clouds.
Has anyone else noticed a price jump at the grocery store in the past few days?
Depending on what I need to purchase, I shop at either Walmart or Price Chopper.
On Tuesday, I went to Price Chopper.
The prices there do tend to be a little bit higher but I noticed last Tuesday that the prices of the items I normally go there to buy had gone up.
I'm not talking a few pennies here and there, I'm talking like 30 cents to $1 on just about every item.
I wasn't particularly happy about that.
Then when I checked out, instead of the usual string of coupons (to try items that I don't even buy) printing out with my receipt, I got this coupon instead.
I wonder if this is their idea of damage control?

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