Monday, February 18, 2013

Shut the Front Door ... Day 49 ... Musical Cars

Sometimes I wonder if vehicles have the ability to talk to each other.
They are either all running just fine or they all crap the bed at the same time.
Well, today is apparently laundry day and we have a lot of dirty sheets around here.
Enter Algebra.
There are 4 adults living in my house.
Between us, we have 5 vehicles.
2 of the adults are working out of town and therefore 2 of the vehicles are also out of town.
1 vehicle has been parked since last fall (and is currently buried in a snow bank).
1 vehicle (my daughter's) blew a wheel baring the other day so that one is in the shop.
The last remaining vehicle (mine) decided that today would be a good day not to start (it doesn't seem to be the battery so we are not sure what's wrong with it).
We are realizing this fact a mere 1/2 hour before my daughter has a job interview.
Yea, bad timing for sure.
In recap...
4 adults, 5 vehicles, 0 available rides to an interview.
With x being the unknown ride ... solve for x.
Bring on the daughter's sisters.
Sister # 4 ... lives too far away to be helpful and needs her car to get to her own job.
Sister # 3 ... also lives too far away and needs her car to get to her own job.
Sister #1 ... lives just a minute away but her car is having issues of it's own and is unreliable (see what I mean by vehicles talking to each other).
Grandparents save the day (don't they always).
Grandparents have 2 vehicles and only need 1 of them today.
Daughter got a ride from Grandma to her interview.
So... x = Grandma.
You be good for Grandma now.
No begging to go to McDonalds. 

Day 49
Early evening bonfire.
Just trying to heat the outdoors.

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