Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Shut the Front Door ... Day 44 ... A perky day, a guard dog, and more drive by photography.

Why is it that the crystal ball of life (a.k.a ... Google) is where you can find answers to everything you ever wanted (or not wanted) to know but when you are trying to research something, not one shred of information can be found?

Baffles me completely and it's very frustrating.

Anywhooooo... I don't want to rant on and on like I did last night with my handwriting melt down so I'll get right to ...........

Day 44
Started out snowy and blah.
But mother nature had her coffee and the day perked right up.
My daughter's dog, Rocky, guarding the picnic table. 
I did a little drive by photography while I was out again today.
I just can't help myself sometimes.
Close up of the top of Starr Hill from the lower road. 
It's funny how that government radar tower (the white ball) glows in the sun but when there's no sun, it blends into the clouds and completely disappears.
I need spring.
I'm really tired of looking at this snow and I have a lot of projects that need spray paint.

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