Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Shut the Front Door ... Day 2

I actually remembered to take a picture for the 2nd day of my year long series.
That's gotta count for something.
Day 2
I cooked on the grill last night and that's whats still staring at me through the door today.
The snow melted off the top when the grill was hot so as you can see it snowed again during the night...well, we actually got most of this layer of snow this morning.
I posted a similar picture to this back in 2010 on my Facebook page with the comment
"If I leave it outside, is that considered cruelty to outdoor appliances?".
This is the conversation that followed
(responder's name has been altered to protect the identity of the innocent ... but I'm sure you know who you are, John M.)
  • John M...Not if burgers are on!
  • Kim Landman-Perry...As you can see with the icicles hanging off it, there were no burgers today. Made sauce with meatballs and sausage instead.
  • John M...Well in that case I will have to contact S.P.A.T.U.L.A. (Simple People And Thier Un Loved Appliances) and report this "incident"!
  • Kim Landman-Perry...good one!! It's kinda scary that it took so little time for you to track down that particular organization. Most people can't figure out the Government section of the phone book. Do you have that particular page earmarked?
  • John M... Yea, I got busted once for using an old toaster for drying out wet socks!
So, are ya bored of this series yet?
Only 363 more days to go.

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