Thursday, January 10, 2013

Little Rose Shelf

There is a little store right on Main St. in Boonville, NY called Mitchels. It's a place, like Goodwill and Salvation Army, where you can drop off your unwanted items at the back door, walk around to the front door, and buy someone else's unwanted items for a bargain. Money raised there goes to the local church to help out with their programs for local needy families.
I brought several boxes of stuff up there last week and came home with this little gem for only $1.25.

The rose motif was all glittery and stuck on there with some sort of industrial strength adhesive. That sucker wasn't coming off there unless I blasted it off.

Since I don't have a blasting license, I just took the shelf all apart and started painting.
I was in a purple kinda mood that day I guess.

Since I couldn't get rid of the roses, I decided to give the them a little definition with a touch of white.

A coat of sealer to protect the paint.

And... all done.

Since purple isn't my favorite color and I don't have a room in my house where this will really fit in, I'm going to be selling it at Newport Market Place.
Stop on down and take a look around.

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